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Association for Social Research Interviewers (ASRI)


The Association for Social Research Interviewers (ASRI) is a national not for-profit association committed to upholding the interests of Social Research Interviewers and raising the profile of social research in general.

The mission of ASRI is to promote, develop and enhance the role of social research interviewers working in the UK.


ASRI aims to:

  • Represent our members who work as social research interviewers
  • Advocate the best working conditions and encourage best practice
  • Improve the status and raise the profile of social research interviewers
  • Offer certified, accredited training and continuing professional development to increase employability and to support an effective workforce
  • Offer regular professional and social events such as workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Raise the profile of our interviewers within the academic communities of social research science
  • Provide an online forum and network for member support and advice

Please use the contact form here if you would like more information; or to register as a member go here.